Which Digital Skills Will Be Most Valuable Over the Next Decade?

Posted by MMU on 09-Aug-2017 14:00:59


According to research from the World Economic Forum, 35% of the skills deemed necessary to succeed in a job today will completely change five years from now. This is especially true in the digital industry, which is constantly growing and evolving.

Those who want to be at the top of their game in digital must be tenacious, proactive, and have a clear understanding of what is going to be needed from them in the next decade.

With Manchester set to create 23,000 new jobs in the digital sector over the next 10 years, we’ve looked at what will be the most important skills for digital professionals to learn so that they are fully prepared for all the changes the next decade will bring.


One of the most important digital-industry skills will be the ability to plan and strategise efficiently.  Noticing patterns and changes in your audiences, predicting upcoming trends, and understanding what works and what needs to be changed will be of paramount importance.

Technologies that can predict patterns will be created, but a real human touch is needed when it comes to making sense of these patterns and understanding how they will apply to your service.


Creativity is one of the essential skills a professional must have in the digital industry. If there is one thing new technology will not be able to mimic, it’s creative flair.

With a whole host of new technologies, products, and ways of working coming our way in the next decade, professionals will need to innovate when it comes to selling, marketing and adapting to these changes. Old techniques will become extinct, so it will be up to talented professionals to break the mould and use their creativity to navigate the ever-changing digital world.


The rise of smart machines and systems means that our own (human) capabilities will need to extend. Globalisation means that people across countries will be closer than ever, and professionals need to understand and adapt to the global economic environment.

Change will not wait for people to catch up; business leaders need to be proactive in upskilling and retraining in order to keep up.

People Management

In the ever-changing digital environment, developing essential soft skills will be extremely important to senior members of staff, no matter what technologies emerge.

Skills like teamwork, responsibility and commitment will be crucial over the next decade – all linked to people management. The type of judgement and decision-making skills – based not just on collected data but by looking at the bigger picture – will also be in high demand.

Social Intelligence

The best managers will be highly skilled in people management and will have an excellent social intelligence. Empathy is going to be so important as technology develops, and professionals need to understand the humanity and the reasons behind the numbers.

Professionals will need to persuade and work well with others. This applies to management, product creation, innovation and marketing. They need to be able to connect to others in a direct and authentic way, as well as predict reactions and desired results.

Get Ahead

This list may look daunting, but in the fast-paced digital environment, it’s incredibly important to equip yourself with the most important and transferable skills as soon as you can. An understanding of management, the global economy, adaptability and creativity are all skills that will stay valued over the next decade.

When studying an MBA in Digital Management with Manchester Met Business School, you will develop these necessary skills and more. The course covers essential leadership and business skills, and you will also study specialised units that will give you a greater understanding of what it takes to succeed in the digital industry.

Digital is moving fast, and to be at the top of your game you need to hone your skills, be open to learning new ones, and have the willingness to adapt. An MBA in Digital Management can help you with all of this, so take the next step in your digital career and enroll today.

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