What Makes a Great MBA Student?

Posted by MMU on 22-Aug-2016 10:15:29

What really makes a successful MBA student? Our engaging course will equip students with all the skills necessary to move to the next level in business, but do you have what it takes? 

Here are five of the key personal characteristics a great MBA student will have:


As an entrepreneur, you create products and services that solve problems or make life easier. You see gaps in markets and you fill them. Your offering could be an entirely new type of product or service, or it could just be a modern adaptation of an existing one. Either way, you need to offer what your competitors don’t.

Many entrepreneurs are innately inventive, but some aren’t. If you fall into the latter category, you will need to work hard to develop a sense of business creativity and inventiveness – but it can be done with the right support.


You need to genuinely believe in yourself if you want other people to believe in you. Submitting to feelings of self-doubt will prevent you from taking the steps and risks that are necessary for progression and success.


Being able to identify opportunities is one thing, but taking the initiative and seizing them is another.

If you hesitate, you probably won’t innovate. Your competitors will be looking to enhance their offerings just like you are yours, so having the gumption to take chances is essential if you want to become (or remain) the best.


Running a business isn’t always smooth sailing. Things go wrong and circumstances change. Naturally, most of these hiccups will be sudden and unforeseen, but you can and should be prepared to deal with them nonetheless – both mentally and practically. Thorough planning is certainly one way to prepare, but a steadfast determination to succeed will be equally vital.


The best entrepreneurs always want to refine their products or services, no matter how innovative or ‘market-leading’ they already are. Complacency leads to obsolescence – if not quickly, eventually – because there will always be a competitor ready and willing to overtake you.

By keeping your mind open to new ideas and approaches throughout your business career in spite of your successes, you will be much better placed to enjoy consistent levels of progress and innovation – as opposed to short-lived, ‘flash-in-the-pan’ success.