Unlock your potential with an MBA in Financial Services

Posted by MMU on 23-Nov-2016 11:53:34

Professionals studying an MBA in Financial Services learn the business and finance skills necessary to be successful in a number of industries. By further enhancing your skills and your knowledge of the financial sector, you will open the door to higher salaries, more networking opportunities and better job prospects.

With this in mind, we’ve looked at how studying  an MBA in Financial Services can enhance your career. Read on to find out more.

Get high level jobs across a number of different industries

MBA graduates find work in senior positions in a variety of different businesses, including investment companies, law firms, financial services firms, mortgage companies and banks. They can even branch out into personal finance or private banking, thanks to the financial and leadership skills gained through the MBA.

As well as these financial institutions, an MBA in Financial Services will also make graduates attractive candidates for senior management roles, especially the role of Chief Financial Officer, across a range of differing companies. Businesses will always need highly-skilled financial professionals within senior positions – if you complete a MBA in Financial Services your skills will be always be in demand.  

An MBA will prepare you for the current economic climate

The modules covered in all MBA courses include managing human performance, managing business excellence and managing customer value. This means everyone who completes an MBA is well prepared for any management situation that may arise.

When completing the MBA in Financial Services, you will also study modules such as Risk; Regulations and Failure Avoidance; and Financial Management of Reorganisations and Mergers & Acquisitions. Studying these subjects in depth will prepare MBA graduates for the ever-changing economic climate, help them deal with risk, and teach them the skills needed to succeed in uncertain environments.

Develop an extensive professional network

Professionals studying for an MBA have access to a whole host of networking opportunities. They will connect with other professionals on their course, learn from their tutors and begin to build up a network of contacts that will help them thrive throughout their whole career.

Success in finance often depends on who a person knows rather than what they know, which is why so many MBA courses offer alumni events and networking seminars within their financial courses. This means that all professionals will finish their MBA course with valuable contacts in the financial industry and a professional network that they can use throughout their career.  

An MBA in Financial Services is a well recognised course that can lead to better prospects and a higher salary

The MBA is one of the most recognised and well-respected post-graduate degrees in the world. When a professional has completed an MBA, they are immediately considered to be someone who can make sound business decisions, lead a team and successfully accomplish even the most challenging of tasks.

Thanks to these highly-valued skills, MBA graduates have an average lifetime earning of 2-3 times more than someone with an undergraduate degree. Also, an MBA gives you something that sets you apart from the competition when it comes to catching the eye of an employer, which is more and more important in this increasingly competitive environment we find ourselves in.

Unlock your potential

An MBA is an investment - you’re putting a lot into something that will generate future returns and unlock skills including leadership, management, risk analysis and decision making. Deciding to study for an MBA in Financial Services will open up the gateways of professional and financial success.

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