Which Digital Skills Will Be Most Valuable Over the Next Decade?

Posted by MMU on 09-Aug-2017 14:00:59

According to research from the World Economic Forum, 35% of the skills deemed necessary to succeed in a job today will completely change five years from now. This is especially true in the digital industry, which is constantly growing and evolving.

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Why a Strong Network Matters So Much in the Digital Industry

Posted by MMU on 11-Jul-2017 17:09:46

The nature of the digital industry means that much of your time is spent on computers and online, rather than in face-to-face interactions, so you might think that the art of networking doesn’t matter that much. However, it does still play a key part, and maintaining a strong network of connections is an essential part of any successful career in the digital industry.

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How an MBA Student Will Help Boost Your Digital Strategy

Posted by MMU on 04-May-2017 15:16:39


Having MBA professionals who are specialised in Digital Management as part of your team can really help your brand stand out.

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