The Essential Guide To Manchester

Posted by MMU on 14-Jun-2016 17:14:21

Manchester is one of the most innovative cities in the UK. It’s ideal for MBA students, whether you’re looking for a city that’ll inspire you creatively, or somewhere to meet like minded businesspeople.

This city has it all.

Anyone looking to study the Digital Management MBA course will need to give MediaCity and The Sharp Project a visit, and take a look around their creative workshops and co-working spaces.

If you’re contemplating the Financial Services MBA then you should spend some time in Spinningfields, where many big financial businesses call home.

Those wanting to get inspired during their Strategic Health and Social Care MBA will want to visit the Christie Hospital for its accredited education and cancer centre.

If you’re thinking of applying for a MBA course in Manchester, our infographic looks at twelve places that’ll help you get the most out of your studies and enhance your business career.


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Benjamin Disraeli, British politician and writer, once famously said that Manchester was "the most wonderful city of modern times" and it's a statement that still stays true today.

Whichever MBA you study in Manchester, not only will you be in good hands with some of the best lecturers, but you’ll also be amongst some of the most creative professionals in the world.

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