The Rise of Manchester's Digital Industry

Posted by MMU on 27-Sep-2017 08:03:33

It's the UK's second city, but how does Manchester compare on a global scale? Our guide takes an in-depth look at the Northern Powerhouse's journey so far, and our predictions of what's to come.

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Do You Have Time to Complete an MBA?

Posted by MMU on 26-Sep-2017 17:00:34

There are many different reasons to study for an MBA. You may be looking to take the next step in your career, enhance your earning potential, or take on a new challenge. Unfortunately, for some people, it’s not an option to take long periods off work to concentrate on studying.

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MBA in Numbers – What Will You Gain?

Posted by MMU on 18-Sep-2017 16:32:30

An MBA is an important decision that any professional must consider, and it comes with many impacts. Our infographic looks at all the facts about the MBA.

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Soft Skills: Are They Important in Financial Sectors?

Posted by MMU on 29-Aug-2017 12:25:24

One of the many benefits to completing an MBA is the opportunity to hone in on your soft skills and develop them. By having a portfolio of soft skills to add to your work, you will become more balanced, more well-rounded, and more successful in your chosen career.

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Which Digital Skills Will Be Most Valuable Over the Next Decade?

Posted by MMU on 09-Aug-2017 14:00:59

According to research from the World Economic Forum, 35% of the skills deemed necessary to succeed in a job today will completely change five years from now. This is especially true in the digital industry, which is constantly growing and evolving.

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Your MBA Questions Answered

Posted by MMU on 17-Jul-2017 11:13:14

Deciding to study for an MBA can be one of the best choices you ever make, but there are a few things you need to consider and think about before you decide to take on the challenge.

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Why a Strong Network Matters So Much in the Digital Industry

Posted by MMU on 11-Jul-2017 17:09:46

The nature of the digital industry means that much of your time is spent on computers and online, rather than in face-to-face interactions, so you might think that the art of networking doesn’t matter that much. However, it does still play a key part, and maintaining a strong network of connections is an essential part of any successful career in the digital industry.

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How The MBA Study-Trip Benefits Students

Posted by MMU on 19-Jun-2017 16:37:19

As part of the MBA program at Manchester Metropolitan University, you are able to take part in a one week international study-trip. This trip helps you understand how business operates in other parts of the world, alongside providing a unique opportunity to build up your network of connections.

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The Women in Business Scholarship 2017

Posted by MMU on 22-May-2017 07:00:00

Manchester has a rich history in helping inspirational women flourish, from the writer Elizabeth Gaskell to BBC North’s current director Alice Webb.

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The Northern Powerhouse Scholarship 2017

Posted by MMU on 22-May-2017 07:00:00

Manchester has quickly become the centre of the Government’s ‘Northern Powerhouse’ project, and with continued revival efforts and investment into the city, there has never been a better time to progress your career through an MBA at Manchester Metropolitan University.

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