New Year, New You: It's not too late to enroll for an MBA!

Posted by MMU on 16-Dec-2016 12:31:25

As the new year rolls around, so do the usual promises we make to ourselves at the end of each December: this year, I’ll lose weight; this year, I’ll stop smoking; this year, I’ll take the next step to progress my career.

Out of the 63% of us in the UK who make new year's resolutions, a whopping 90% end up breaking them at some point in the year.

If you’re one of the 90%, why not make this year different. If you’ve made the promise to take the next step in your career, there is still time to enrol in an MBA course with Manchester Met.

How will an MBA with Manchester Met help my career?

A Manchester Met MBA teaches professionals the skills they need to further their business career or start a business of their own.

Each course is designed for professionals looking to sharpen their business acumen, develop expert commercial knowledge and build upon existing leadership skills.  

What does an MBA involve?

All Manchester Met MBA courses are taught over 30 months and involve a series of modules, some which can be handpicked by you.

At Manchester Met, we offer a general MBA which offers professionals the chance to learn about management, leadership, corporate and business strategy, and more.

We also offer specialised courses in

Both types of MBA – specialist or general –  give you the competitive edge you need to progress your career to senior management level. If you know you would like to specialise in a certain area, or if you feel that your skills are better adapted to a certain industry, a specialist MBA may be the best option for you.

See for yourself which course type is best for you by taking our short quiz which will help you decide between enrolling in a specialist or general MBA.

Each course includes an international study tour and two management development weekends, which are priceless when it comes to networking and learning from industry experts.

Entry requirements

We want to attract the brightest and best to our MBA program and have designed our entry criteria with only the most ambitious professionals in mind.

We require  a minimum of a 2.2 grade in any subject from a recognised university or a recognised equivalent academic or professional qualification, as well as at least three years’ work experience.

However, if you don’t have a university qualification, there are still ways you can enrol on a Manchester Met MBA course.

We ask for significant management experience, ideally over 10 years, and a substantial record of achievement in business and leadership.

Find out more about our MBA entry requirements.

Is an MBA for you?

By completing your MBA, you will gain practical leadership and management skills, and learn how to apply them in real life situations. You’ll be exposed to a network of alumni, business leaders and industry experts that can help you progress throughout your career.

In addition, you’ll leave with a qualification that lets your employer and future employers know that you have dedication, intelligence, stamina, and the skills needed to be a brilliant senior manager.

If you know you’re ready to take the next step in your career and progress to senior management, an MBA is the logical next step for you.

So, make enrolling at Manchester Met your new year's resolution, and reap the benefits throughout your whole career!

What are you waiting for? Start your application today.