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Posted by MMU on 23-May-2016 13:03:25

Our 2016 MBA Scholarship competition is now closed. Thank you to everyone who entered, we'll be announcing the winners very soon. Learn more about the competition below and what Scholarships were on offer.

Northern Powerhouse Innovator Scholarship

There’s never been a better time to study in Manchester.  With world leading science hubs such as the National Graphene Institute, the 2015 visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping and the proposed high-speed rail link, the city has been afforded renewed prestige on an international stage.  Manchester has become the poster city for the so-called ‘Northern Powerhouse’, which has seen the region rise to prominence in the business arena.

Manchester Met’s Northern Powerhouse Scholarship aims to reflect this, offering two students the chance to win discounted entry onto our MBA programme.

  • First prize £6,000 off the full fee
  • Second prize £3,000 off the full fee

Woman in Business Scholarship

The UK is becoming increasingly aware of the need to encourage more women to get involved in the business world.  While the number of women taking the leap into setting up their own business is undoubtedly increasing, government statistics suggest that if UK women were starting businesses at the same rate as men, we would have one million more companies in the country.  Additionally, in December 2015 it was revealed that only 10% of executive directors at FTSE 100 companies are female.

At Manchester Metropolitan University, we want to play our part in giving ambitious women the chance to achieve their business goals. Our Women in Business Scholarship will give two female students the opportunity to win a discount on their MBA course fees and take the first step on their leadership journey.

  • First prize £6,000 off the full fee
  • Second prize £3,000 off the full fee

UKFast MBA Scholarship

Manchester is a city like no other, with amazing energy and a thriving digital economy. What better time to grab the opportunity in this incredible place?

UKFast is the technology brand at the very centre of Manchester’s surging growth. From helping thousands of businesses to develop and grow online and hosting inspirational business and tech events, to supporting the digital education agenda in the region; UKFast understands what businesses need to succeed in the ever-changing digital landscape.

The fiercely entrepreneurial spirit of founder and CEO, Lawrence Jones MBE, has seen the company grow and change dramatically since it was born in 1999. Now Lawrence is on a mission to pass on his experience and help nurture the next generation of superstar entrepreneurs.

Lawrence launches the UKFast MBA Scholarship as an opportunity to one outstanding applicant, who demonstrates the level of passion, innovation and dynamism required to turn a great idea into a great business success. Working with the teams at MMU and UKFast, the winner will no doubt put themselves in a fantastic position to turn their dreams into reality.

  • First prize £6,000 off the full fee

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