How an MBA Scholarship Can Change Your Life

Posted by MMU on 05-May-2016 17:35:59

Your motivation for getting an MBA is unique to you. Each professional who enrols on one of our programmes will use their MBA as a springboard for bigger and better things. It’s certainly an exciting time, and if you’re wondering just how an MBA could help shape your future, allow us to give a few hints of what lies in store.


Career progression

It’s no secret that an MBA can progress your career. We’ve talked before about how MBA graduates frequently find themselves promoted once they complete the course - some even make the step up while they’re still studying!

If you’re at a crossroads in your career, a Manchester Met MBA can be the signpost that points you down the path you want to take. For those of you with an ambition to become one of the key players in your organisation, an MBA is a great stepping stone towards that goal.

Who knows what you can achieve after that?

The chance to pause and reflect

While many professionals on our course complete the MBA alongside their regular work commitments, the course is still a good chance to take a step back and consider how your career has progressed up to this point.

Use the time wisely and work hard to become a better business professional. Identify your weak points and take the opportunity to target them in a supportive environment, away from the pressures of your working day. Some of our MBA courses have elective modules that will allow you to focus on the areas you feel will benefit you the most.

Consider whether anything you’ve learnt will help you change your previous approach to business and put steps in place to apply this.

Take your knowledge to the next level


As the philosopher Sir Francis Bacon famously noted; “knowledge is power”. In this case, your new skills will enable you to deal with a wider range of situations than ever before. It’s not a coincidence that so many companies are happy to promote employees who earn an MBA qualification!

Every speaker at Manchester Met’s business seminars has been carefully chosen because of their expertise and reputation in their chosen field. You will learn a great deal simply by listening to them. Who knows, you may even hear something that will fundamentally change the way you approach your job and career.

The course also includes an international study trip. This is where you can broaden your horizons further, as it will highlight a way of doing things that you might not have considered before. If your career to date has kept you in one region or city, this is the sort of knowledge that can only improve you as a businessperson.

Forge valuable relationships

You are not alone in wanting to better yourself and further your business career. Everyone else on your MBA course will have a similar goal, and the chance to bond over this is something that many of our graduates have found invaluable.

In addition to supporting each other in your studies, many Manchester Met alumni have found these relationships continue far beyond the end of their time with us. Whether you meet your next business partner or simply make new friends, the personal side of the MBA comes as a pleasant surprise to many.

Here’s Manchester Met alumni Michael Lee to tell you more about this subject.

Personal satisfaction

While the practical benefits we’ve talked about above can certainly change your life, you can’t beat the sense of achievement you will get from earning your MBA. It’s a challenging course that will push you to improve on what you already know, so it’s something you should certainly savour.

If you had any doubts about yourself beforehand, this success will fill you with the confidence you need to achieve your goals. What could be more life-changing than that?

Start your journey today

As you can see, there is plenty to get excited about with an MBA, and Manchester Met is the place to be if you want to be at the heart of one of the UK’s most exciting business hubs. Take a look at how to apply and shape your future today.


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