Kickstart your career with an MBA in Strategic Health and Social Care

Posted by MMU on 08-Feb-2017 09:08:45

Studying for an MBA in Strategic Health and Social Care equips professionals with the skills needed to play an essential role in the future of the healthcare industry.

The course offers professionals transferable skills like project management, workforce transformation, and organisational performance. Alongside this, an MBA with Manchester Met will sharpen business acumen, helping you to develop commercial knowledge and expand upon existing leadership skills.

We’ve looked at the reasons why having an MBA in Strategic Health and Social Care with Manchester Met will unlock your true potential and help you advance your career in the healthcare industry.

After completing your MBA you’ll be at the forefront of Manchester’s changing health and social care industry

Health and social care devolution is a real talking point around Manchester at the moment. In 2016, Greater Manchester became the first English region to gain control of its health spending. Professionals in the Manchester healthcare industry will now be spearheading a change that could have an impact on the whole country.

Senior healthcare managers will have more say over spending than ever before and will set a precedent that the whole country may end up following.

As a result, there’s no better time to develop the skills to be at the industry’s forefront at this exciting time.

There is a demand for skilled professionals in Manchester’s healthcare industry

Thanks to Government spending reviews and the city’s emergence as Britain’s ‘Northern Powerhouse’, there is more demand than ever for skilled professionals to lead the changes that will help Manchester’s healthcare industry not just survive, but thrive under devolution.

An MBA in Strategic Health and Social Care will teach you the skills needed to reach a senior management position in the healthcare industry, giving you the ability to have a real say in the future of Manchester’s health care industry.  

Brand new facilities

All Strategic Health and Social Care professionals have the opportunity to study in our brand new Health Faculty building in Hulme. The Brooks Building is one of the most impressive of its kind in Europe, with state of the art facilities and wide open spaces.

In The Brooks Building, you’ll take a look at the business aspects of health and social care, with topics including:

  • Incorporating Global Health into the Organisation
  • Transformational Leadership in Health & Social Care
  • Health & Social Care Service Delivery

Develop an extensive network of connections

When studying for an MBA, you’ll have access to a whole host of networking opportunities. All our MBA courses include an international study tour and two management development weekends, where you’ll have the chance to meet industry experts, business leaders and others in your industry.

As well as this, you’ll connect with other professionals on your course who will be progressing and achieving in the same industry as you. Having a network of people in senior management positions within your field is invaluable.

Gain a well respected and universally recognised qualification

An MBA qualification is globally recognised and well respected in every industry. When a professional has completed an MBA, they are immediately considered to be dedicated, intelligent, diplomatic, with the highest level of leadership skills.

MBA graduates have an average lifetime earning of 2-3 times more than someone with an undergraduate degree. An MBA will also set you apart from the competition in regards to future employees, which is more important than ever in an increasingly competitive job market.

Take the next step

An MBA can unlock your future potential when it comes to leadership, management, service delivery and decision making. It’s an investment, and making the decision to study an MBA in Strategic Health and Social Care will open you up to both professional and financial success.

Find out more about the course here.