How The MBA Study-Trip Benefits Students

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As part of the MBA program at Manchester Metropolitan University, you are able to take part in a one week international study-trip. This trip helps you understand how business operates in other parts of the world, alongside providing a unique opportunity to build up your network of connections.

Taking the trip internationally alongside the other students on the course is also a great chance to bond with one another, and to learn how to potentially help each other in business in the future.

To help you understand more about the international study-trip at Manchester Metropolitan University, we have looked into this year’s trip to Buenos Aires in Argentina, and why it was such a great success.

Why Argentina?

Many universities choose China as their study-trip destination, and this has certainly been the case for us in the past.

As the world's second-largest economy and the largest for purchasing power, China is a global hub for business. Despite this, the rate of economic growth in China has started to slow, and the difference in culture and language was sometimes seen as a big hurdle for students.

As the world's 25th-largest economy, and the second-largest in South America, Argentina is big for business. More than 100 UK companies operate in Argentina, including more than 30 FTSE 100 companies, such as HSBC, Unilever, and BT.

Some Latin American countries have seen economic growth and power in recent years, and it is an important opportunity for students to see how a developing country could succeed in the future.

Our students got to experience a different culture, in a country that is often overlooked in terms of its business successes. Argentina is a resource-rich country with huge potential, which makes it a great location for MBA students to visit.

What Happened on the Trip?

The Argentina trip was an experience offering a variety of professional networking opportunities alongside the chance for students to learn more about the country and its working culture.

From learning to tango to exploring La Casa Rosada (a pink-coloured mansion which serves as the office of the President of Argentina), the trip was full of exciting, once-in-a-lifetime moments.

Students also had the chance to meet like-minded business individuals and to partake in presentations from a handful of the thriving businesses in Buenos Aires. These businesses included FC Bolsa and Cablevisión Fibertel, the biggest cable-TV provider in Argentina.

A crucial part of studying for an MBA is gaining a solid understanding of international business, which students can put into good use within their own business ventures. This experience can also prove invaluable to employers, and the businesses where MBA students work.

Through meeting up with leading Argentinian business professionals, students were able to build up connections with people they might not have normally been able to network with. These presentations have proved to highlights of the trip for many of the MBA students, and have been invaluable learning opportunities, equipping students with advice on how to thrive in business in other countries.

This new-found experience and knowledge can be put into practice, because students will use what they’ve learned throughout the trip (and the rest of the course), to advance and excel in their studies and professional work.

How Did Students Find the Trip?

Stephen ‘Paddy’ Dyson described the trip to Buenos Aires as “one of the best experiences of my life”.

The trip offered students both life skills and the potential to up their business skills too. Stephen’s advice for anyone taking the study-trip? “Soak up as much as you can from those around you; life is a constant chance to develop yourself.”

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