How can you fit your MBA around your job?

Posted by MMU on 27-May-2016 15:00:00

Our MBA is designed specifically to be studied alongside your work commitments. It provides a springboard for professionals to achieve bigger and better things. 


Fitting your MBA around your job couldn't be easier. The course at Manchester Met is ideal for professionals who want a springboard to help further their career, but are unable to take large amounts of time away from work.

Its structure is designed to ensure disruption to work and existing commitments are kept to a minimum. If you are considering enrolling, the points below will ensure you have a clearer view on how the MBA programme will work around your professional life. 

Course timetables designed to aid your work-study balance

There are two options. You can either opt for the 30-month course with intakes in January and October, or choose the accelerated 18-month programme.

Your preference will vary depending on your circumstances. Perhaps you want to achieve a promotion within the next two years and have sufficient free time to complete the coursework. If this is the case, the 18-month option might be for you.

Alternatively, you might decide to apply for the 30-month MBA if you travel a lot on business and know you will struggle to complete the workload within a shorter timeframe.

Typically both programmes include 18 days of face-to-face teaching per year, delivered as six 3-day blocks with keynote lectures. Assignment deadlines always give you plenty of space to complete coursework, avoiding any impact on your working day.

The MBA is so highly-regarded that some professionals receive a promotion while they’re still studying. This is helped by the fact they can remain committed to their employer whilst on the course, keeping them in their employer’s good books!

Some employers will also help fund your MBA, but may ask you to commit to them for an agreed period of time after you complete the course. If they are funding your course, it’s likely they will be more receptive to you taking time off and may work with you more closely to arrange study time around work commitments.

Take a look at the MBA course start dates and timetables in more detail.

You can plan ahead

As the start of your course nears, you will receive all the information you need, including:

  • The time and location of each seminar
  • Confirmation of the keynote speakers
  • Assignments that follow each class
  • Submission deadlines

This means you will have plenty of time to arrange travel plans and any time you need to spend off work to attend.

Our alumnus show that it’s possible

Far from disrupting your professional life, the MBA is proven to have a positive effect on the careers of professionals working full-time.

Take a look at the profiles of our alumnus, who not unlike yourself, wanted to take the next step in their careers. They were not only enticed to study the MBA for its life-changing qualities, but for its flexibility.

Additionally, many say that one of the very best things about the course is meeting enthusiastic and like-minded people. You will be able to trade knowledge   and offer support, especially on topics such as balancing your work commitments with the MBA programme.

These people, who are in exactly the same boat as you are, could become friends and longstanding business relationships.

Decided the MBA is for you? Here’s what to do next

In addition to having the support of experienced business experts and valuable one-to-one tuition, each of the different programmes is designed to complement your existing work commitments.

Our general MBA and those aimed at professionals specialising in healthcare, finance and digital management all have elective models which are flexible around your other commitments, keeping disruptions to a minimum and helping you work towards your goals.  

If you’re interested, start your application process today and begin your MBA journey.

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