How an MBA Student Will Help Boost Your Digital Strategy

Posted by MMU on 04-May-2017 15:16:39


Having MBA professionals who are specialised in Digital Management as part of your team can really help your brand stand out.

This is especially valuable in an industry where every establishment is just as eager to get their hands on a slice of the pixelated pie as the next. You should be looking to portray your company not only as one that is capable of delivering the goods, but also one that takes interest in and values its best assets.

We’ve taken a look at the skills and knowledge your employees will develop from a Digital Management MBA, which should in turn boost your company’s digital strategy and also generate growth.

Staying Up-to-Date with Trends

Having an online presence is a continuous journey – from the launch to maintaining a reputation for consistent content quality. An employee who is educated to MBA level in Digital Marketing will bring a solid understanding of digital trends – past, present and future – that can be utilised in accurately dissecting digital trends and predicting how they can positively influence the outcome of a marketing campaign.

This knowledge can be imparted to the rest of the team to encourage a knowledge-sharing culture within the company. This will help propel your business not only ahead of marketing trends but, more importantly, to surpass competitors.

Creative Strategies

The seemingly never-ending Google algorithm updates call for imaginative personnel with high adaptability skills. An MBA will challenge anyone’s ability to stretch their creativity in order to keep up with the ever-changing digital landscape.

When complemented by industry knowledge, these skills will allow the individual to take into account every element – e.g. target demographic and other social variables – then come up with the most effective outside-the-box strategies, because it’s paramount to apply the right tactic, at the right time, to the right audience.

People Skills

As important as the ‘hard’ knowledge may be, it takes more than know-how to lead a successful campaign. An MBA program equips students with useful ‘soft’ skills that will enable them to work well within a group toward a common goal. Through team projects and debates, MBA students can build upon their interpersonal acumen when interacting with like-minded colleagues who they can bounce ideas off and draw inspiration from.

Studying an MBA also offers plenty of networking opportunities. With enhanced people skills, MBA students can obtain invaluable contacts from peers and even industry experts throughout their university experience and beyond.

A Tailor-Made Business Plan

At Man Met, an employer-funded MBA student will have the opportunity to plan and complete their academic dissertation in conjunction with the sponsor. This is an ongoing process, where the MBA student will remain in constant communication with their colleagues and managers to ensure that knowledge and skills acquired from their MBA are appropriately implemented, in order to develop a dissertation plan that is tailored to your organisational objectives.

Post-MBA, the graduate will be able to oversee their own business plan and help guide it to success.

Developing and Retaining Talent

With employment opportunities in the digital sector forecast to boom exponentially, it’s never been more crucial for organisations to acknowledge in-house talent and provide adequate room for development. Companies that fail to catch up run the risk of top talent moving on, potentially to competitor companies.

By offering an MBA to eligible employees through the Corporate Scholarship Scheme, you are not only investing in the future of the individual but also the business as a whole.

Putting Your Employees Through an MBA

Do you have an employee who you believe possesses all the attributes that make a great Digital Marketing MBA candidate? See the official page for more details on how you can enrol them onto the course.

If you’re eager to stand out from the digital crowd, speak to our team today about how you can enroll on the MBA in Digital Management. If you would like some advice on how you can pay for your tuition, download our MBA funding guide today.      


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