How getting to know your MBA colleagues can enhance your career

Posted by MMU on 27-May-2016 15:00:00

During the MBA programme, you have the chance to forge long-lasting business relationships with colleagues who can really enhance your career.


The MBA course offers plenty of benefits for professionals who want a springboard to help further their career, but there’s so much more to gain than simply completing your modules over the duration of the programme.

Clearly the face-to-face teaching is crucial to learning the fundamental skills and knowledge required to achieve your MBA certificate, but did you know your MBA colleagues can be just as big a help to you along the way?

In addition to your course leaders teaching you what they know, your colleagues will play a big role in helping you achieve as much as possible out of the MBA programme.

If you’re wondering just how helpful fellow professionals are on an MBA, here are a few hints to how central they can be to the whole experience.

Lean on colleagues for support

The course is designed keep disruption to your professional and family life to a minimum. There are two course programmes, either the 30-month or 18-month program, with 18-days of face-to-face teaching using 3-day blocks with keynote speakers with keynote lectures.

However, there may be times when you find distractions hard to ignore, putting you in a position where you require additional support. In the instances when you need help, you might find that the best people to go to for that support are people in the very same situation as you, which in this case will be your MBA colleagues.

Situations will vary, but in the main, the challenges you face on your MBA will be similar, which is where your fellow professionals and course leaders are so important.

Improved communication skills

The MBA experience is one that puts you in situations with other businesspeople who can learn from each other. As a businessperson, your communication skills will already be strong, but by embarking on an MBA, you’ll be surrounded by people like yourself with whom you can discuss your business ambitions.

Form valuable relationships that go beyond your MBA

Relationships you form on the MBA course could (and in many cases do) last far beyond the day you achieve your new qualification.

Friendships forged during a seminar early on in the programme can very easily develop into more formal business relationships. You never know, a colleague could become important to your own business ambitions while you’re still on the course, immediately afterwards, or further down the line.

The best thing to do is get stuck in. Learn as much as you possibly can from course leaders and those who are striving to achieve the same things as you are.

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