Five ways an MBA will change your life

Posted by MMU on 10-Jan-2017 11:33:30

The MBA is one of the world’s most respected and prestigious degrees. Studying one will reward you with a host of tangible benefits that will dramatically impact both your professional and personal life. If you’ve always held a burning ambition to take part in an MBA, the good news is that it’s not too late to join our January intake.  

As well as helping our applicants stick to their New Year, New Me resolutions, how else will studying an MBA change your life?

1) It will provide opportunity

Obtaining an MBA separates you from the crowd. Having one is a sign that you are not only ambitious, highly skilled and extremely knowledgeable, but that you have a desire to be the very best that you can be.

These attributes are all hallmarks of successful MBA students and are exactly what employers are looking for. That’s why employers favour MBA qualifications for senior hires, a point demonstrated by the fact that 42 CEOs of the Fortune Top 100 companies hold MBAs.

What’s more, this year, Manchester Met MBA students will also be gifted the opportunity to learn about global business first hand during an exciting study trip to Argentina.

2) It will teach you new skills

Opportunity alone will not guide you into a senior role, you have to prove that you’ll be an asset to whichever company you are looking to work for. Luckily, the completion of an MBA, through its combination of classroom teaching, real world application and world class tutoring, will equip you with all the attributes you’ll need to prove your worth to any employer.

The beauty of the Manchester Met MBA course is that prospective students can choose to learn the skills that are most applicable to them. If you know what you want to study, you can enjoy a specialised course that focusses on your area of expertise. Alternatively, a general MBA teaches broader management skills that will apply across a range of industries.

Discover which type of course is best for you here.

3) It will open your eyes

Typically, an MBA student is already a fairly successful professional who is looking to take the next step in their career. This means that students already have a grasp and understanding of the business world, but wish to push their knowledge and potential to the limit. The Manchester Met MBA provides students with both the strategic skillset and mindset necessary to effect change within the uppermost echelons of their chosen sector.

Read about how taking part in the MBA course changed one graduate’s life for the better.

4) It will improve your earning potential

Having an MBA attached to your name makes you an attractive proposition to potential employers. As employers are in competition with one another to hire the top talent, they are prepared to pay competitive salaries to MBA graduates. So much so that a study by US company, Fortune, found that MBA students could expect to earn at least $45k (£36k) more than they did they year before studying their MBA.

This figure puts into perspective the ROI vs costs benefit of studying an MBA. An MBA’s costs, on first consideration, may seem high, but when you factor in the additional lifetime earnings an MBA graduate can enjoy, the fee quickly appears extremely reasonable. Especially with the attractive funding options that are available to help out prospective students.

5) It will enhance your professional network

As the poet John Donne said, ‘no man is an island’ – nowhere is this saying more true than in the business world. In order to succeed, one must not only have the drive, determination and skills, but also a solid support network.

One of the most rewarding aspects of studying an MBA is that you will be surrounded by likeminded professionals who share your thirst for knowledge and passion for success. As well as fellow students, you will also be granted access to renowned guest speakers and globally admired tutors from whom you can lean on for support and advice.

In fact, gaining access to such an impressive network is one of the most valuable benefits of studying an MBA. So much so, we’ve put together this piece offering advice for MBA students looking to forge lasting business relationships.

It’s not too late to apply

Even though it is January, there are still spaces on the course for the right applicants. Why not make 2017 the year you change your life for the better and apply to take part in our MBA?

We guarantee it’s a decision you’ll never regret.

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