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Kickstart your career with an MBA in Strategic Health and Social Care

Posted by MMU on 08-Feb-2017 09:08:45

Studying for an MBA in Strategic Health and Social Care equips professionals with the skills needed to play an essential role in the future of the healthcare industry.

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Why funding shouldn't put you off studying an MBA

Posted by MMU on 12-Jan-2017 10:58:02

We look at why potential earnings following the completion of your MBA outweigh the initial cost of tuition fees.

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Work Life Balance: How an MBA can easily fit around you

Posted by MMU on 11-Jan-2017 14:04:38

Deciding to study for an MBA while working full-time means that you will gain a world renowned qualification, a whole array of transferable skills and a priceless network of contacts that you will be able to use throughout your career. However, some people worry about whether they will be able to juggle study, work and their personal life.

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Five ways an MBA will change your life

Posted by MMU on 10-Jan-2017 11:33:30

The MBA is one of the world’s most respected and prestigious degrees. Studying one will reward you with a host of tangible benefits that will dramatically impact both your professional and personal life. If you’ve always held a burning ambition to take part in an MBA, the good news is that it’s not too late to join our January intake.  

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Get ahead in digital

Posted by MMU on 06-Jan-2017 16:36:06

The digital landscape doesn’t stay the same for very long. It seems that every other month a new platform or feature emerges. When a new tool does emerge, marketers must quickly get to grips with it and decide whether to include it in their marketing offering.

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Funding Your MBA: Company Funding

Posted by MMU on 06-Jan-2017 11:19:11

There are many reasons that someone would choose to study an MBA and there are plenty of different funding options available, as you can see in our MBA Funding Guide.

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How The MBA Course Works

Posted by MMU on 19-Dec-2016 14:52:41

A Masters of Business Administration (MBA) is designed for ambitious professionals who already have some business experience and are looking for a way to take their career to the next level.

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New Year, New You: It's not too late to enroll for an MBA!

Posted by MMU on 16-Dec-2016 12:31:25

As the new year rolls around, so do the usual promises we make to ourselves at the end of each December: this year, I’ll lose weight; this year, I’ll stop smoking; this year, I’ll take the next step to progress my career.

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Funding Your MBA: Part-Funding

Posted by MMU on 30-Nov-2016 15:40:14

We spoke to former MBA student Michael Cowell to discuss the combined self-funding and employee sponsorship route he took to pay for his MBA studies.

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Unlock your potential with an MBA in Financial Services

Posted by MMU on 23-Nov-2016 11:53:34

Professionals studying an MBA in Financial Services learn the business and finance skills necessary to be successful in a number of industries. By further enhancing your skills and your knowledge of the financial sector, you will open the door to higher salaries, more networking opportunities and better job prospects.

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