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Funding Your MBA: Part-Funding

Posted by MMU on 30-Nov-2016 15:40:14

We spoke to former MBA student Michael Cowell to discuss the combined self-funding and employee sponsorship route he took to pay for his MBA studies.

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Unlock your potential with an MBA in Financial Services

Posted by MMU on 23-Nov-2016 11:53:34

Professionals studying an MBA in Financial Services learn the business and finance skills necessary to be successful in a number of industries. By further enhancing your skills and your knowledge of the financial sector, you will open the door to higher salaries, more networking opportunities and better job prospects.

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Funding Your MBA: Self-Funding

Posted by MMU on 21-Nov-2016 14:53:25

We sat down with Oliver Reeves to discuss how his MBA scholarship discount complemented the self-funding of his studies, and why he thinks everyone should contemplate studying an MBA – through a scholarship if possible – if they want to enhance their business career.

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Funding Your MBA: Employee Sponsorship

Posted by MMU on 21-Nov-2016 14:36:00

We spoke to Stephen “Paddy” Dyson, whose company HMG Paints decided to sponsor and invest in him by entering him for the Northern Powerhouse Innovator MBA Scholarship digital pathway.

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Manchester – The Digital City

Posted by MMU on 21-Nov-2016 09:31:26

Manchester, according to Beyond the City, a report commissioned by the International Festival for Business, is expected to outperform world class cities such as Berlin and Paris for employment growth over the next five years.

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The UKFast MBA Scholarship: Kick-start your career in 2017!

Posted by MMU on 17-Nov-2016 16:06:58

Are you ambitious? Do you want to take your career to the next level?

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A guide to funding your MBA

Posted by MMU on 16-Nov-2016 11:42:15

Download our guide that outlines the main methods of funding MBA students can pursue when looking to embark on this highly acclaimed business course.


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How to choose the right MBA course for you

Posted by MMU on 13-Sep-2016 09:41:10

When completing a Masters in Business Administration (MBA), you will have to choose whether to study for a general MBA or go down a more specialist route.

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What Makes a Great MBA Student?

Posted by MMU on 22-Aug-2016 10:15:29

What really makes a successful MBA student? Our engaging course will equip students with all the skills necessary to move to the next level in business, but do you have what it takes? 

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Man Met Case MBA Study: Michael Cowell, Managing Director of Fork

Posted by MMU on 16-Aug-2016 10:46:39

Discover how studying for an MBA with Man Met propelled Michael Cowell's professional life to a whole new level.

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